Post-Onboarding Support

Once you're onboarded to Recast, you'll still have ongoing support and communication with the Recast team. This will ensure you continue to achieve maximum value leveraging the Recast app and your model insights. Ongoing support includes:

Ongoing Monthly Syncs

Following your initial model build, your Recast CSM will establish a recurring sync cadence (typically monthly) to ensure you have time to ask questions, talk through tests and experiments, and otherwise continue to drive value through Recast.

It will be up to you to determine the right audience for the ongoing syncs, but they should at least include the key marketing point-of-contact. Your CSM will reach out to you ahead of each sync to collect any agenda items or questions that you want to cover on the call.

An example of what a recurring sync might include is:

  • New channels or model changes
  • Model calibration (e.g. new lift test, time shift changes)
  • Recast-driven tests and results
  • Feedback/retrospective
  • New Recast features
  • Questions

You will also have a quarterly review with your Recast support team where we will discuss how to fit Recast in with your strategic direction. This meeting will typically cover:

  • Business/strategy changes
  • Stakeholder updates
  • Review of key goals and metrics
  • Feedback/retrospective
  • New opportunities to leverage Recast
  • Questions

Additional Recast Support

Incident Reporting

Please report all incidents to [email protected]. We will respond and resolve all incidents as quickly as possible.

Ad Hoc Questions

Email [email protected] if you have questions between your regular syncs about:

  • Interpreting and using model output
  • Data science approach to key business challenges
  • Upcoming changes to channels or strategy for your business
  • Upcoming business needs not supported by model output, such as:
    • Detailed reporting on a particular execution
    • Support for key internal or investor meetings
    • Recommendations for strategy adjustment to improve model accuracy and confidence
  • Lift test or experiment results you would like incorporated into your model
  • Adding a new media channel to your model: we will ask you to add the new channel as an additional column but we also need to know so we can update your model configuration
  • Significant changes to the strategy or execution of one of your channels, such as:
    • Working with a new agency
    • Optimizing to a new metric
    • Correct a significant targeting error
  • Significant changes to historical data
  • Decisions youโ€™ve made leveraging Recast results where you want to talk about the value youโ€™ve driven for your business (success stories or when things didnโ€™t turn out as expected)

You can also let us know about any of the following, although our model checks will likely pick these up automatically:

  • Going dark in one or more channels
  • Making minor changes to strategy or targeting (the model should pick up the new ROI)
  • Making minor changes to historical data