Initial Insights

After your model is configured and the Recast team has performed all model checks, your CSM will schedule your Initial Results call to review your insights in the Recast platform.

Your Initial Results call with the Recast team will include, at minimum:

  1. A review of the model check results (prior-only, parameter recovery, stability loop, and backwards holdouts)
  2. Historical channel performance aggregated
  3. Historical channel performance over time
  4. Historical and forecasted intercept
  5. Estimated time shifts compared to priors
  6. Time shift curves
  7. Saturation curves (marginal efficiency by daily spend levels)
  8. Performance of organic (intercept): both historical and forecasted
  9. Performance of spikes (promotions)
  10. Next steps, including your refresh schedule and any follow on trainings

There will likely be additional items discussed, especially if there are outstanding data questions from the Recast or customer team.

After the Initial Results call, all requested users will be given access to the Recast platform and your company dashboard. it will be important for you to review the insights in the Recast platform and raise any questions or concerns you have upon a deeper review. To request access to the Recast platform, please email [email protected] or reach out to your CSM.