🔬 Recast for Data Scientists

This page collects all the of the documentation for how Recast works both in theory and how it’s actually operated in practice. There are five main sub-pages here which may be interesting for you as you’re operating Recast.

The Theory: How is the Model Specified?

This document contains a deep-dive into the formal math that underlies the Recast model and how we think about marrying marketing science to theory to the practical estimable statistical model.

Recast Model Technical Documentation

Bayesian model-development and validation workflow

We follow a robust process for setting priors and validating the inferences generated by the model. You can find the documentation for this process here:

Prior Setting Documentation

Model development and validation workflow

Common Modeling Questions / Best Practices

Every business is unique and so there are various modeling questions that might come up. In this doc we share best practices for certain “non-standard” situations

Modeling Best Practices

Recast configuration options

There are lots of configuration options for Recast which we’ve documented here:

Configuration Options