๐Ÿš„ Track your progress [NEW ๐ŸŽ‰]

Every time Recast updates your model with the latest data, your results update. This allows you to track weekly (depending on your refresh schedule) progress towards your revenue, KPI and ROI/CPA goals and incorporate this into your planning at a regular cadence.

To help you stay up to date with the latest data on your marketing performance, Recast will send an email to subscribed users with an update on your forecasted performance as well as how Recast expects you to perform against your goals.

Goals update email

The goals update email helps you track your progress towards the goals that you have set up in Recast. This contains:

  • Recast's forecast of how you will be performing towards all your KPIs
  • Recast's forecast of your progress towards your goal
  • Recast's prediction of how likely you are to hit your goal

Every week you will get an update of how you are performing towards each of the goals you have set up in Recast across all your models. This will allow you to track your progress and react quickly to any changes you may want to make in your marketing spend. Recast also provides optimized suggestions to help you improve your performance towards your goals. Simply click the link in the email to view.

If you do not have any goals set up in Recast, your email will contain Recast's prediction of your performance towards your KPI based on your historical returns and recent pattern of spend. This will provide you a business-as-usual baseline for you to gauge your performance and optimize your spend.

We currently send two emails- the model refresh email and the goal update email. These emails are sent to all user by default. To unsubscribe from either, email [email protected].